Ultra Reverse Testimonials

(These are individual results and may vary from person to person.)

Reverse 2018 from Duck Press Media – Suzie Vigon on Vimeo.

I ordered your new Ultra Reverse after being an Ultra Balm customer for several years. I am more than satisfied with this new product. Not only does it help reduce my fine lines and wrinkles but my skin has become healthier and younger looking which I never expected.
Barbara Kingsley,
Queens, NY

I am 67 years old, and my face was showing age which was really upsetting me. I was at a women’s show in California and was introduced to your Ultra Reverse anti ageing/ anti wrinkle cream. I was highly reluctant to purchase it as I already had tried many over- the- counter products and a few prescription remedies as well. None of them give me the results I was hoping for. The booth was run by a family and everyone of them kept insisting I buy this product, so I finally gave in and bought it. I am so glad that I did. I’ve been using it for about 6 months now and I see how the Vitamin A, combined with the other key ingredients, has truly made a difference in my facial appearance. Many of my friends are now asking me what I use on my skin because it’s looking so good. When I tell them it’s this cream that I found they think I’m lying and that I had Botox treatments. I highly recommend this cream. I am also using your Ultra Sun Safe now and am very happy with this product too!
Carol Tordi,
Santa Monica, CA

I love this anti aging cream – it’s great – it works! Thank you!
Beverly Taylor,
Boston, MA

I’ve had some fine lines and a crease between my eyebrows for several years. I kept trying different products and nothing was handling it. This was getting me crazy. I was at the point of seriously thinking of getting Botox. I purchased Ultra Reverse because my friend told me that this could help. I bought it with not much hope and after using it for about a month, I couldn’t believe how it worked! It diminished the lines and that crease, to a point where I wasn’t noticing it and had no attention on it, I actually forgot about the problem. It’s amazing! I am so happy. I would suggest to anyone who has similar problems, before getting any medical treatments, try Ultra Reverse!
Claudia McDaniel,
Houston, TX

I can’t believe this is an over the counter anti wrinkle cream. It has made a major difference in my skin. I love all the compliments I’m getting.
Cynthia Kaplan,
Tampa, FL

(These are individual results and may vary from person to person.)