Ultra Balm Testimonials

(These are individual results and may vary from person to person.)Best Dry Skin Moisturizer

Nurses Recommend It…

I am an R.N.(Registered Nurse) with Diabetes and peripheral skin damage on my lower legs. I’ve had a problem for over 18 months. I used this daily for one week and I’ve seen an amazing improvement. Decreased redness and the scaling and peeling are gone!” No other over-the-counter or prescription cream has worked for me as well as ULTRA BALM!

Cathy M., Registered Nurse,
Burbank, California

(This lady purchased and came back one week later and bought three more jars).

Skin CareDoctors Recommend It For Their Patients…

I was instructed by my doctor to apply Ultra-Balm to the scars on my hand after surgery to reduce their appearance. I started to rub some into the psoriasis on my knees and elbows (you know, the nasty, thick, flakey skin that sheds like dandruff!) The results were unbelievable!  The stuff cleared it up to the point that it no longer looks like it ever existed! Great product!!!!

P.S. Absorption appears best when applied right after a daily shower.

R.Kopler, Patient

…After Chemotherapy

This is my second order. My Mom is using your product to offset side effects of chemotherapy. Ultra-Balm is giving her great relief, just like the nurse at Sloan Kettering suggested it would. She has gotten a burning red rash on the bottom of her feet from the chemo and she finds your product has helped tremendously. We don’t know what we would do without Ultra-Balm. My Mom is sharing her secret weapon with other cancer patients.

N. Kaplan, Nurse

Dry And Cracked Feet

Skin Care TreatmentA Perfect Shaving Cream, for Men & Women…

This is the best shaving cream and all around skin softener I have ever found. I have been using it exclusively for 3 years, and everyone asks how I get my 50-year-old skin so smooth and soft. In fact, no one believes I am 50.

Daniel Saunders

I’ve had red blotches on my face for quite a number of years. I’ve been to several dermatologists for help. It was recently suggested that I try ULTRA-BALM as it contains many essential properties that have assisted in the healing of severe skin conditions, such as rosasea. I looked for it in my local drug store but couldn’t find it. While attending a local Home & Garden Show I spotted a booth that was featuring it. I immediately picked up a jar and experienced such amazing results from it that I’ve been calling the phone number on the jar regularly and am now buying jars for my friends and family too!

S. Baldovin, Chiropractor,
Los Angeles, California

Ultra-Balm is absolutely the best – even recommended by my physician for dry skin!

S.Dempsy, Steel Worker

Relief for Workers

A Tool & Die Company Worker says…

I have found your product to be a blessing. I have been suffering with psoriasis on my hands and feet, and the medicine that my doctor was prescribing for me was too strong, therefore making it worse. Since I discovered Ultra-BALM, the condition of my hands and feet has greatly improved, and the dry, chapped skin is being replaced by healthy smooth skin. My coworkers at the Tool & Die Company that I work for have been so impressed with results of your product that they have urged me to order Ultra-Balm for them. That’s why I placed a multiple order.

S.K., Machinist

Heal Cracked Heels

Many doctors I have spoken to have recommended Ultra-Balm.

A. Zweifach, Health Administrator

Great stuff. Got it originally for my feet, but it works on the hands, arms etc just as well. My wife even uses it regularly.

K. Bernard, Salesman

We love this stuff… My wife and I have been using this for 16 years. This stuff is great for my frozen New England hands!

D. Zweibel, Cardiologist

Holy Cow, this Ultra-BALM does the trick! For years, I have suffered with red, rough and painful hands. The thought of putting my hands in water was not something I looked forward to. I’ve tried every lotion and cream there is, from low $ to high $$$$. Nothing has worked like this.

T.W. Restaurant Owner

Thank you so much for sending me the tubes – my skin is very grateful! There is a shortage of cows in Tallahassee and I cannot buy Ultra-balm here.

J. Jarvis, Administrator

Dry skin on my legs causes severe itching especially in the dry winter weather. Ultra-BALM is the only product I have found which relieves my condition.

H. Mahoney, Engineer

Best thing I’ve ever used on my hands and body for dryness in our Chicago winters and wind burn dryness in Chicago summers.

H. Weinberg, Jeweler

Best Skin CareWonderful For Pregnant Women!

This stuff is unbelievable. My friend used this productfor two pregnancies and she got not one stretch mark! The thing I love about it is, it works. My friend’s stomach is nice after two BIG kids”!

Lucy W.,
San Francisco, CA

We have looked in all the drugstores in our area for this stuff! Our whole family loves it! We’ve tried the ones that are supposed to be the same, but they don’t do the job like Ultra-balm!

C. Winter, Real Estate Broker

I just had to write you and tell you how wonderful Ultra-BALM is. I have had psoriasis for 20 years and have tried virtually everything to treat it with, both prescriptions and over the counter creams. But nothing has ever worked, but Ultra-Balm. I no longer have Psoriasis on my elbows, palms, feet, or torso, thanks to Ultra-BALM. You can add this to the many things that it cures. I am a walking talking advertisement for Ultra-BALM. I love it.

L. Honig, Dentist

Good for Household Pets Too!

I am a dedicated user of Ultra-BALM because it is universal and can be used on myself, my dogs and the other animal in our household … my husband. We swear by it!!!! I always say…. A balm a day, keeps the DR away!

R.L. Pet Owner

My vet recommended Ultra-BALM for my cat’s dry tootsies (foot pads). I can’t wait to try it – looks like it will help my dry hands too!

S. Nemons. Furniture Maker


(These are individual results and may vary from person to person.)

Dry Cracked Hands