Successes Using Ultra Balm for Dry, Itchy Skin

“We bought this at a boat show when my husband’s skin was sensitive from a medication that he was on. His skin was so dry that if he were in the sun at all, he would burn, and his hands or legs would swell from water retention. He applies this cream in the morning and night, and keeps the tube in the car to apply to his hands during the day. The cream contains glycerin so that it is not greasy, and lanolin, which is a necessity when trying to heal skin. I highly recommend it.”

Milford, CT

“As an attorney my hands dry out from handling paper all day. Most hand creams leave a residue so I can’t do paperwork as the residue leaves marks on the paper. Ultra Balm absorbs immediately, enabling me to continue working.”

Judy Cherney
Sacramento, CA

“ULTRA BALM works great! My hands were dry, horrible and in pain from working in my garden. I got results from this cream in just a couple of days and it’s been working for me ever since.”

Beth Kogen
Atlanta, GA

“I’ve had severe Dry Skin for 54 years and this is the first cream that has ever helped me. As a nurse I’m constantly washing my hands and nothing works like ULTRA BALM. It’s GREAT!”

Marge Brier
Seven Hills, OH

“My Dad uses Ultra Balm on his legs which get irritated, itchy, and dry from nerve and muscle damage. He’s 77 years young and he said, from the first application, he felt immediate relief not only on his skin but his muscles felt more relaxed. So this stuff absorbs and treats. I started using it on my hands as well and they’re also happy!”

Lynn Fagen
East Orange, NJ

“Ultra Balm is absolutely the best – even recommended by my physician for dry skin!”

S. Dempsey, Steel Worker
Philadelphia, PA

“For years my skin has been taunt from dryness. After 2 weeks of using ULTRA BALM 1 time a day my skin feels WONDERFUL. NO PULLING OR TIGHTNESS!”

Karen Prier
Woodland, CA

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