More About Ultra Handy Man

Tall, dark, and handsome? Yes! Good work ethic, responsible and kind? Yes! Funny, generous and handy around the house? Absolutely!

Rough, rugged, coarse hands?  I don’t think so!  Traditionally, it has been acceptable for a man’s hands to be rough, dry and cracked, but times have changed. Today’s men want their skin to look and feel good and today’s woman won’t accept anything less!

As the health-conscious movement grows, people are becoming more educated about the skin.  The skin is the largest organ of the body and its layers serve to protect against harmful environmental factors, prevent dehydration, regulate heat, provide sensation, absorb and synthesize vitamins and more. When the skin is left without care and becomes cracked, dry and itchy, these natural functions are stunted.  With such an important job, taking care of our skin should be a high priority!

Now, with the addition of Ultra HANDY MAN to our premium skincare line the health and appearance of men’s skin has been included in the list!  Like the popular Ultra Balm’s unscented hand cream, Ultra HANDY MAN contains: aloe, an antibacterial and antifungal plant; lanolin, a powerful skin softener; vitamin A, which slows the aging process and is a smoothing agent; and vitamin E to repair skin tissue and prevent cell damage.  Packed with powerful healing ingredients, this product delivers the same results that our Ultra Balm users rave about, but is specially formulated for a man! 

Yes, Ultra HANDY MAN  has been made just for him.  You see, we are aware that a man’s skin tends to be coarser than women’s skin and often times his careers take a more rigorous toll on his skin.  Any skin care product for him would require healing agents that would address this appropriately.  While there aren’t many premium skin softeners on the market for men, we say “his skin matters” and have hands down perfected a formulation that we believe deserves applause. Ultra HANDY MAN, like Ultra Balm,  penetrates deep into the layers of the skin to heal cracked, dry skin; softens calluses; handles various skin conditions; is non-greasy, non slippery, and doesn’t wash off. 

So, construction workers, truck drivers, engineers, heavy equipment operators, landscape workers, and even you hard working corporate guys, bring it on!  We have created the perfect product to answer all of your skin’s needs.  Apply Ultra Handy Man to your hands, feet, knees and any other area you want to care for and be amazed at the immediate improvement. 

We have received accolades from men after using Ultra Handy Man and many thanks from their partners after noticing the difference.  Guys, we give you permission to be good to yourself. Get your tube of Ultra Handy Man right now.  And ladies, here’s a tip: Don’t wait on him! Go out now and gift your guy with a gift that you will appreciate just as much as you appreciate him.  The next time he touches your face will be all the thanks you need.