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The Magic of Ultra Balm

What Makes Ultra Balm The Best Product For Dry Skin?

Best Dry Skin MoisturizerULTRA-BALM Keeps Your Skin Soft and Silky in All Extreme Weather Conditions.
The Miracle Moisturizer For Hands, Face & Body.

HappyMatureWomanAbrasions – Arthritis – Burns – Sore & Tired Feet – Rashes – Itchy Skin – Hands & Muscles – Chapped Lips – Sunburn – Insect Bites – Blisters – and much more!

The key factors that make Ultra-Balm better than all other Dry Skin Creams are:

Not only does Ultra-Balm contain the highest quality Aloe Vera on the market, along with Vitamin A, D and E, but unlike other Dry Skin Creams it is formulated with Lanolin!

Lanolin is a natural oil extracted from the wool of sheep without causing any harm to the animal. It is one of the oils closest to the human sebum (an oily substance produced by certain glands in the skin; also known as “skin oil”, making it an excellent moisturizing ingredient.

Lanolin is the #1 product softener in the world!

Lanolin is used for softening even the toughest leather.

Our Aloe Vera and vitamins enable ULTRA-BALM to go deep into your skin, relieving pain and rebuilding tissue.

Lanolin softens skins very easily, moisturizes and emulsifies, as well as absorbs water. Lanolin is easily absorbed by human and pet skin.

Now imagine what Lanolin, that softens the toughest of leathers in the world, can do to your skin! Lanolin is the secret ingredient of Ultra-Balm, that works miracles for our happy customers.

Throughout this site you will see the rave recommendations that so many health practitioners and happy customers give to Ultra-Balm!

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