What is Cellulite

By leading Dermatologists in USA & Europe

Cellulite are dimples and bumps in the skin. You would normally get them around the buttocks, thigh and upper arm area. It gives areas of your skin a ‘cottage cheese’ look. This happens when the skin is stretched by fat cells growing too large.

Cellulite actually starts at puberty in all people. It’s a hormonal component that happens in our body. Diet, lifestyle and tight clothes are also known factors in getting cellulite, as circulation is not able to work correctly if pinched in any way. Doctors now say underwear is a cause and shouldn’t be worn during sleep to allow area to breathe and move freely.

Unfortunately women are at higher risk of this because the way their bodies are made. It’s natural for women to store fat in these areas for preparation for child birth even if you aren’t pregnant

Dairy and wheat are big contributors to cellulite. Most women who cut these food groups out lose cellulite within 1-2 years.
Stimulation to the area such as massage can help tone the area and is very good for circulation.

Exercise especially for cellulite areas is also good too, because you are going to be toning the areas up. It is fat. All fat is cellulite. Just pinch any area on your body and squish it and you will see dimples then.

The more fat there is, the more likely it is you will see dimples, or cellulite.

Diet and exercise do help to reduce the fat. Fat is actually stored in cells, and the cells grow, if a person gains fatty weight. Exercising more than 20 minutes will automatically burn fat, after the first 20 minutes.

Calories are the amount of energy your body needs to get through the day. If you generally use 2000 calories a day, a good diet would have less than 2000 calories a day in it. If you work out, you will burn even more energy (calories) and lose weight faster.