Diminish Fact Sheet


What is it?
DIMINISH is The Most Advanced and Effective CELLULITE REDUCING CREAM on the Market!


DIMINISH is the Cutting-Edge Cellulite Reducing Cream that contains a Premium & Proprietary blend of 7% Pure Caffeine, Essential Oils plus Vitamin A, D and E that absorbs into the fat cells of the skin using a superior delivery system that holds this cream together so it doesn’t fall apart .

Why Caffeine is the Preferred Solution in Reducing the Appearance of Cellulite?

The reason that your top cellulite creams contain some amount of caffeine (universally accepted) is that it reduces the appearance of cellulite better than anything else. It’s the natural element that safely and temporarily shrinks fat cells. It does this by dilating (expanding) the blood vessels closest to the skins surface and thereby increases blood circulation. This creates a smoother appearance of the skin. If you could take an orange (that has a bumpy surface) and inject water into it that would smooth out the surface pockets, that’s how Caffeine works to smooth out the skins surface.

Why is the Caffeine in DIMINISH so effective?

Because there’s enough of it for it to be effective. Most caffeine creams have from 2% or to 5% caffeine in their products. We have found that 7% safely gives maximum results and so this is what we have in our cream. The reason most other companies have smaller amounts in their products is THE COST OF THE ADDED CAFFEINE AND THE COST OF THE DELIVERY SYSTEM REQUIRED FOR THE PRODUCT TO BE STABLE.

A Cream’s delivery system is the ingredients that holds the cream together so that it remains stable for the life of the product and doesn’t separate and fall apart in the tube. It also holds a product’s ingredients in place.

In our case our delivery system holds it in place long enough, in the effected areas to absorb and thereby increase the circulation and thus reducing the cellulite. DIMINISH not only contains a Sufficient Amount of Caffeine to be Effective it also combines this with a Rolls Royce delivery system. The ingredients that make up our Premium Delivery System include:

Vitamin A(Retinol), D & E, plus Aloe Vera and Natural Oils. The Retinol in our DIMINISH also helps the skin absorb caffeine better and gives an exfoliating effect on the outer layer of the skin by speeding up the body’s production of collagen. Also, like our Ultra Balm this product doesn’t clog pores like some cellulite creams do.

Time it takes to experience results and How to Apply:
Depending on the person, a few days and up to 1 week.
Apply to the desired area 1 – 2 times a day. Apply liberally until it is thoroughly absorbed.
Daily applications will not only diminish cellulite, the vitamins, etc, nourishes the skin to look younger!