Eczema Treatment

Eczema treatment can consist of a direct attack using creams and medications or be combined with simple preventative measures. The type of treatment that is right for you will depend on many factors, including the type and severity of the eczema, your preferences, and past treatments. Usually topical eczema creams are the most commonly prescribed treatment by dermatologists. There is also a wide array of natural herbal treatments and teas from around the world that encompass a long tradition of eczema treatment. Additionally, creative home remedies abound and staying in communication with other eczema sufferers can be quite helpful. Severe forms of eczema may call for treatments including a photo or light treatment, or more traditional medicinal treatment. Often a majority of irritating eczema symptoms can be treated by simply making some lifestyle changes

The Goal of Eczema Treatment

Since the goal of any eczema treatment is to restore hydration to the skin, there is considerable attention surrounding the taking of baths and various substances that can be added to bath water to alleviate eczema symptoms.

Soaking in a tub of cool or warm water for 15 to 20 minutes at a time is beneficial and allows the skin’s outer layer to absorb water and become less dry. However, bath water that is too hot results in the skin actually losing much needed moisture. Water temperatures must be kept down to a tolerable minimum. When bathing, only a small amount of very mild soap should be used. Liquid soaps are sometimes much more mild than regular bar soaps. Where possible, use soaps that are specially formulated for sensitive skin.

Eczema sufferers endorse a variety of ingredients that can be added to the bath to ease symptoms. Baby oil, oatmeal and tar are reported to be helpful treatments when added (separately) to warm bath water. Immediately after the bathing, ideally within three minutes, use a soft towel to pat, not rub, your skin dry. Then apply eczema cream to seal in the moisture.

The Keynote of Eczema Treatments

The keynote of eczema treatment is: keep the skin moisturized and away from irritants and allergens. For example, keep the air in your home moist at a humidity level of 45 and 55 percent to help keep your skin from drying out. Use eczema creams daily to keep the skin moist. During the winter be sure to wear gloves when you go outside as the cold air and low humidity will dry out the skin. Overall, use common sense to observe conditions and take any measures possible to keep the skin hydrated.

Avoid or try to limit contact with anything that can irritate your skin. Don’t wear clothing that rubs against your skin. Try to wear loose cotton clothes versus wool or synthetic clothing. Substances which may be irritants include: detergents, soaps, aftershave, harsh dishwashing products, solvents, gasoline, and bleaches and cleansers that contain harsh chemicals.. Try to find natural alternatives to harsh household cleansers and chemicals and wear protective gloves when using these.

As for allergies, a medical test called “patch testing” can be done to identify common substances to which eczema sufferers are allergic, however, patch testing does not identify irritants. Irritants are discovered by paying attention to substances that cause flare-ups. All in all, avoiding known allergens and irritants can help reduce eczema inflammation and itching.

Ultra Balm to the Rescue

Ultrabalm, while not a medicine, but rather a soothing, healthful skin cream relief that combines Vitamin A,D & E with Lanolin and the finest in Aloe Vera is a top performing cream for eczema. For more information on these ingredients CLICK HERE. Ultra Balm brings general overall lubrication and health to skin tissues and has been found to be helpful to many eczema sufferers.

Here is what just a few of our Ultra Balm users have to say about how Ultra Balm has helped them with their eczema:

“My 14yr old daughter has suffered from Eczema from birth. The condition has not only caused her physical suffering throughout her life but tremendous emotional stress as well. Because of her facial appearance she has experienced a great deal of social rejection in school and from kids in the neighborhood. As you can imagine, I tried every cream and remedy to help her but nothing seemed to work. I had just about given up until I found your ULTRA BALM at a Southern Women’s Show in Seminole Florida. I can only say “GOD BLESS ULTRA-BALM!” This cream has truly saved my daughters life and mine! She has socially come out of her shell and is finally making friends. She’s smiling and laughing where she used to be crying. There’s just no way to describe the change that ULTRA-BALM has made in her life. Keep up the great work and please feel free to print my story”.

M. Hennessy, Mother, Detroit Michigan

“Ultra Balm has really handled the dry skin on my legs caused by a severe case of eczema, especially in the dry winter weather. It is the only product I have found which relieves my condition!”

H. Mahoney, Engineer

“My husband had been suffering with eczema for over 15 years. He had tried every over the counter eczema cream, several recommended prescription solutions, special soaps, you name it, he’d tried it. One weekend we were out at a Home & Garden Show in Texas where we ran into the “Cow-People”. There at the booth was a lovely animated family, each wearing a cow patterned hat and apron, giving people samples on their hand of this cream they called Ultra Balm. My husband became a willing subject with no hope of actually getting any results from these strangely dressed people. Well, lo and behold! After we left their booth we walked around for several hours and to my husband’s amazement he noticed that his hands, which were always cracked, dry and burning were soft and smooth, and he was without pain either. The rest is history. We both ran back to the “Cow Booth” bought a half dozen jars and my husband has been able to enjoy life again! Ultra Balm has helped relieve his eczema to such a degree that if a person met him now for the first time, they would not even know he had this condition. I can only say THANK YOU to the “COW PEOPLE”! If you go to their website you’ll find out why all Ultra Balm Representatives dress in cow outfits. It does make your skin “Milky Soft” but there’s more of a story to it”.

It is encouraging to know that with some simple lifestyle changes, consultation with a dermatologist, and sticking with a plan of action that works for you, eczema can be effectively treated.

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