Glossary of terms used throughout



There is a group of vitamins (especially A, C & E), minerals and enzymes called anti-oxidants that help protect our body from the formation of free radicals. Free radicals are atoms or groups of atoms, that can cause damage to our cells, impairing our immune system and lead to infections and various degenerative diseases.


Anything that heals or sooths.


A soft preparation used to cleanse or protect.


A skin disease that causes red scaly patches.


An area of red spots that appear on your skin when you are ill or have an allergy.


A reddening of the skin, usually the far head, nose, cheek bones, and chin. The cause is unknown.


Assurance given by a seller to a buyer that a product is, as represented, or that it will be repaired or replaced, or money refunded, within a certain period of time.