Ways to Prevent Wrinkles


1. Don’t smoke. As if smoking weren’t bad enough,  pursing your lips to hold a cigarette will cause tiny fine lines around your mouth to appear.
2. Avoid washing your face with deodorant soap.  Beauty bars have many more moisturizing agents are much less harsh on the skin.
3. Don’t worry, be Happy! Constantly squinting and worrying can create wrinkles.   If you are feeling sad, go for a walk and look out at things. You’ll be feeling better in no time!
4. Get religious about moisturizing your skin every morning and before you go to bed at night.
5. Sleep on your back.  When we sleep on our sides with our faces smashed into a pillow we are increasing the chances of wrinkling our face.
6. Make probiotics part of your daily routine.  Probiotics populate your body with friendly bacteria leading the way to beautiful youthful skin.  Stony Farm organic yogurt is very high in probiotics!
7. Wear sunglasses and a sun hat while walking outside, lying on the beach or by a pool
8. Gaining and losing weight can stretch your skin out. Your skin will stay tighter if you stay the same weight.  If you do lose weight, drink a lot of water, it will help keep your skin more elastic.
9. Avoid drinking liquor.  If you must have a drink, make it red wine.  Red wine can have some beneficial factors in reducing wrinkles however those factors do not outweigh the negative effects of the alchohol
10. Exercise.  Exercise wakes up your metabolism and keeps the blood flowing to your skin!


Creams? Botox? Serums? Surgery?


There are many anti-wrinkle creams on the market.  It is very important to educate oneself on ingredients when shopping around for the best anti-wrinkle cream.  We suggest you use an anti-wrinkle cream that has a high amount of retinol.

Retinol vs Collagen

Retinol: Retinol is the purest form of Vitamin A and is essential to the overall health of the skin. It stimulates the cells to produce sufficient amounts of collagen so that the skin gets pumped up naturally. Retinol, itself, has many profound positive health aspects as well. Retinol is the purest form of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is an antioxidant that helps to neutralize unstable oxygen molecules inside the body called free radicals. It plays a  major role in the health of eyes, skin, reproduction, bone, teeth, etc. It can help reduce chances of breast cancer and strengthens the mucous linings in the body, which functions as the body’s first line of defense.
Any anti-aging product worth its salt contains this vitamin in ample quantities. Since skin is the largest but also the most vulnerable organ of our body it is virtually defenseless against many harmful internal and external elements, and as such, we need to give sufficient importance to skin health practices to ensure prolonged health and youthfulness. A wrinkled and scarred skin immediately conveys a negative message to onlookers. To sum it up, Retinol is a vitally important cog in the wheel of skin care.

 Collagen: Collagen is fibrous protein produced in the body that plumps up the surface of the skin.  As we grow older our body does not make enough collagen. 
Collagen, however, does nothing for the health of the skin. It can reduce wrinkles quickly but very temporarily and so can be used as a “quick fix” for wrinkles. Collagenoften produces dry spots and can give the face a tight and artificial look.  It creates a temporary appearance but actually does nothing therapeutic or lasting for the skin.

Serums can be effective but expensive.  You may look better but will you have enough money to go out to dinner?

We all have heard that botox injections are expensive but rarely do we hear how painful they are?  If you can get passed the uncomfortable stabbing, the facial aches and muscle spasms I suppose this may be an option. If you can experience success with a cream or serum I suggest using these options.

Imagine trying to smile as your grandson is singing you a song, yet he has no idea that you love it?  Face- lifts can result in a frozen-like appearance where the person loses mobility or sensation in the face due to damaged nerves. If you decide to go the surgical
route make sure you get a dermatologist that has come highly recommended and that you like the way the person looks who has recommended him/her to you.

Here is what Doctor Oz says about Retinol and Retinoids:


Note: Retinoids: Are various kinds of natural and synthetic derivatives of Vitamin A which can be taken orally or topically as a cream

Many products promote retinol, however they conveniently leave out the amount of retinol in their product as the amounts are very small. You want a retinol cream that has above .3 grams and if an Anti-Aging/Anti-Wrinkle cream has this much retinol in it’s likely that the amount of it would be listed somewhere on the jar.

Because effective retinol treatments can sometimes cause temporary skin irritation, due to  the production of collagen  by vitamin A’s cell stimulation, it is also important to have a calming agent in your retinol cream to help the skin heal safely if minor skin irritation occurs. It may take a little time for sensitive skin to develop a tolerance to its use.

We wish you luck with whatever road you choose to walk!

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