90 Day Retail Guarantee

90 Day*, No-Hassle, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Get Ultra-Balm and start using it.

Take the next 90 days to test, feel, and see the real-life benefits of this exciting product. If you do YOUR part by trying out this product and applying it to your skin, I personally guarantee that — within the next 90 days — your Ultra-Balm will be worth more than you paid for it…

…or we’ll promptly refund every single penny of your money!

I mean it. If, during the next 90 days, you don’t get excellent benefits from using Ultra-Balm, and you don’t believe this product is worth more than you paid for it, then I don’t want you to keep it.

Just return the product to us within the next 90 days, and we’ll give you 100% of your money back. 

No hassles and no questions asked.

That’s my personal promise to you.     

I can make this guarantee confidently because I personally know Ultra-Balm products are not only great, they’re also so easy to use that it would be difficult for you NOT to have benefits from it! I know firsthand and so do 1000’s of other users just like you and me! To Your Health, 


Vicki Gailzaid, CEO
Sales R Us, Inc.

  *Please Note: This guarentee is only valid for retail sales. All sales are final for Distributor and Wholesale orders. No Distributor refunds given.